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Thalgo La Beauté Marine (Francia)

Thalgo Laboratories is World Leader in Professional Marine Cosmetics with over 50 marine active principles,
extracted and concentrated in exclusive ingredients with unrivalled properties that enhance the benefits of sea-water in our treatments with toning, balancing, realaxing and detoxifying effects.

Carità, Haute Couture Beauty (Francia)

Born in Paris, Carita Haute Couture is a prestigious brand where the know-how and expertise of the “artisans of beauty” have been design cosmetic products to maintain beauty over time. Precious ingredients, magical textures, subtle scents, innovative formulae, enhance each woman’s own touch of charm to reveal its entire beauty.

MimiLuzon Skin Wellbeing Secrets (Italia)

Mimi is an expert of the skin and a popular beautician who developed its own line of products with unique formu-lations designed to meet the different needs of the skin.
Its high-performance treatments combine products rich in active principles and provide unique results.

Masseria San Domenico Belleza (Italia)

From the olive trees surrounding the Masseria San Domenico, we obtained the main ingredient of our beauty pro-ducts with several properties; olive oil is an excellent anti-aging, perfect for all skin types, it’s emollient, soothing, makes the skin smooth, soft and elastic and it is highly recommended as an after sun treatment.