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Healthy Mediterranean Diet

Our nutrition is based on a balanced lifestyle. The Mediterranean Diet is the combination of all the food habits in use among the populations overlooking the Mediterranean. This food model, which is even under UNESCO’s protection as world intangible cultural heritage, has proved unique in assuring the permanence of good health conditions along the years.
This is not only a low-calorie food regimen meant to make you lose weight, but also and most importantly a lifestyle based on typical recipes by the vibrant and fresh products found in the region.
Personalized menus and fresh and tasty flavors promotes the interaction with the social environment, respect for the territory, biodiversity and further enhancement of the Apulian tradition.

Wellbeing Consultation

Mediterranean Diet Consultation with Doctor Agostino Grassi, based on nutritional recommendations that serves your specific constitution during your stay, and that can be integrated into your lifestyle once retur-ning home.

Biologic Nutritional Consultation to evaluate your nutrition status and prioritises your current health goals, along with the analysis of your body statistics – full body composition and metabolism analysis.