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Thalasso treatments

The essential element of thalassotherapy is sea water

Its salinity is very rich in minerals and the abundance of trace elements also makes it a primary source of purifi-cation for the human organism.
The water used in our center is drawn from a deep underground stratum, which sits at about 400 meters below the sea level.
This water is also completely purified by means of filters and is then heated in our center’s circuit using the most up-to-date equipment.
Another beneficial richness coming from the sea is seaweed. Our seaweeds have vast concentrations of minerals and vitamins, essential for the improvement of our biological functions. The seaweed is crushed and micropow-ered and then added to sea water in hydro massage and compresses. Sea water and seaweed, are an exceptional cocktail producing a equilibrating, tonic, invigorating and detoxifying effect.


Thermogenesis is a method that triggers body reactions to lose weight and allows getting back in shape in a natu-ral way.
The latest studies on natural methods of weight loss show that exposure to temperatures lower than body tempe-rature triggers a physiological reaction that stimulates our body to burn excess fat.
The latest treatment in our SPA is precisely this thermogenesis bath, which starts immersing in water at 18 de-grees, until the temperature is gradually lowered in 20 minutes at 16 degrees. Inside the tank, funtional exercices or hydro bike helps with the movement to decrease the sensation of cold by further enhancing the dispersion of heat turning food calories into body heat.


This is a sea water bath with programmed jets on different parts of the body, with essential oils that reactivates blood circulation and stretches muscles.

Thalgo Jet

Deep massage with water jets that relieves sore muscles, improves circulation, specially recommended for the prevention of cellulite.


Dead sea mud wrap in a special machine that spreads steam reaching the temperature of 38°C. This treatment
is remineralizing and detoxifying good for muscular pain.


Seaweed wrap rich in iodine and vitamins that eliminates the excess of liquids and reduces joints inflammation.

Marine prelude Aromacéane

This natural marine mud is extracted from the heart of the Dead Sea and is rich in minerals that allows the body
to eliminate toxins and to reduce fat adipocytes.

Marine scrub

Exfoliating massage with sea salt that eliminate dead cells and to improve the texture of the skin and the blood circulation.

Douce d’Affusion

A four hands massage worked out under a shower of sea water.

Detoxifying or soothing facial treatment

Specific mask according to the needs of each skin to obtain a detoxifying or soothing effect.

Hypotermal marine treatment

Cold wrap recommended for veins, blood circulation problems and heaviness of the lower limbs.