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Body treatments and massages

Thalgo gommage

Exfoliating treatment that purifies the skin promoting the oxygenation. The skin will be left smooth and silky.

Thalgo High nutrition treatment

A strong and restorative body wrap which repairs and comforts dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin. Really good after sunbathing to relieve the skin and to keep the tan longer.

Thalgo body palp

Treatment that combines the sculpting effect of cupping with the reducing and firming action of active oxygen and menthol wraps.

Olive oil envelopment with choromotherapy

An olive oil scrub, a body pack applied in chromotherapy and an application of olive oil lipogel make the skin silk-er and deeply nourished. This original body treatment is the “jewel in the crown” of our Health and Beauty Spa.

Specific essential oils massage

Draining, invigorating ,reducing and relaxing massage that has great benefits in case of water retention, loss of skin tone, fatty deposits and muscular contractures.

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage with slow, soft and regular pressure that improves blood circulation and are specially effec-tive in case of venous and lymphatic stasis.

Stone massage

Special massage that combines the action of cold marble stones and the energy of lavic stones, acting on the bal-ance of body and mind.

Californian massage

A full-body massage, including the facial area and scalp, with slow, embracing and gentle manipulation, that en-hance full psyco-physical relaxation.

Skull massage

Massage that releases muscle tension in the cervical area, trapezius, skull and facial muscles.

Harmony massage

The rhythmic and harmonious touch of 4 hands creates an enchanting wave that loosens the tensions and pro-motes the flowing of vital energy leaving a deep sense of wellbeing.