Facial treatments

Deep Cleansing

With the use of a vapors dispersing appliance, this treatment eliminates impurities of the skin that appears bright and compact.

Facial massage and mask

Draining and relaxing massage followed by a nourishing-moisturizing mask which is applied to the face, neck and décolleté.

Compu-Lift and mask

Lifting treatment with a special device which electro-stimulates and revitalizes the muscles and the skin of face, neck and décolleté, providing a delicate lifting effect.

Bio treatment Terre & Mer

This innovative bio treatment begins with a back massage that use 100% natural product to give an appropriate answer to every types of skin.

Anti-age olive oil nourishing

This treatment consists of an olive oil scrub and facial cleansing, followed by a facial massage, including around the eye area, with a special anti-age olive oil cream.

Anti-age excellence

This tratment is indicated for those who want to preserve their face youth. It has ananti-age effect and the skin appears immediately brighter and smoother

Fundamental shining

Detoxifying treatment that confers radiance to a dull and opaque complexion. Facial skin will be moisturized and protected from external aggressions; facial features appear refreshed and relaxed.

Fundamental nutri-soothing

It is a treatment which repairs, protects and efficiently nurtures sensible and dry skin for an incomparable long-lasting comfort

Fundamental marine purifying

Designed to detoxify and purify oily or combination skins, this treatment reduces the production of
sebum, smooths skin roughness, narrows the pores, resulting in a healthier and more compact skin.

Fundamental hydrating

A strong moisturizing treatment acting on the skin barrier in order to maintain and reactivate an optimal skin

Hyaluronic acid filling

A powerful treatment that uses the molecules of marine hyaluronic acid for an immediate bighting and smooth-ing effect.

Marine Collagen

This is a facial treatment which rebalances the moisture of the skin, stimulating its collagen fibers, aiding their regeneration and providing an efficient anti-wrinkle action.

Silicium lifting

Treatment that uses marine hyaluronic molecule and marine silicium that have an immediate smoothing and lifting effect of the facial contour.


Face treatment designed to correct pigmented and aged skins. Perfect for all skin types, it has a soothing and fill-ing action, it narrows the pores and gives a bright and even complexion.

Extreme pureness

Puryfing and redressing treatment suitable for combination and oily skins. It smooths skin roughness, restrict the pores and the skin itself appears purer and rejuvenated.

Extreme softness

A moisturizing treatment which protects the most delicate and sensitive skins from atmospheric aggression and the signs of time.

Intense moisturizing

Suitable for every kind of skin, for those who are looking for a very effective moisturizing action. The skin finds its complete wellbeing, restoring its water reserve, natural nourishment and source of health.

Facial “Parfaite 3 Ors”

A global anti-age treatment using “3 ors” mineral, vegetal and marine. It opposes against loss of skin tone, oxidi-zing skin end cutaneous spots.


Special treatment attenuating deep and light wrinkles; it opposes effectively against time, thanks to an immedia-te lifting effect; the contour of the face appears more definite and the skin appears luminous and toned up.

Smooth and lift relaxation for men

This treatment is designed exsclusively for men. It helps the skin obtain a bright and rested look.

24k pure gold

Beauty treatment with an immediate lifting effect that includes the application anti-age of serum based on jalu-ronic acid, vitamina C and collagen followed by the 24k pure gold mask. This treatment promotes cellular rejuve-nation, provides smooth texture and improves skin tone.