Palatial Splendour
Italy can lay claim to a host of unusual and luxurious hotels. Make sure you winter in style by opting for one of these fabulous palazzos

The mercilessly competitive sport of postholiday bragging has a few clear rules describe lifechanging experiences with disinterested calm (‘the Dalai Lama went on a bit, didn’t he. Darling?’), refer to all local restaurateurs by Christian name only, and make sure to bring on an expensive Italian front the bench. While others try to win over the dinner table with their ‘two weeks in a perfect little gîte’ or a fishing village not marked on most maps, lean back and announce you’ve just come back from a long weekend in a charming palazzo. That’s Italian for ‘palace’, isn’t it, Dear?
Of course, there’s no need to mention the fact that palazzo doesn’t always literally, stand for ‘palace’. It means anything front the former home of a Venetian Doge to the legacy, of a farmer with ideas above his station. But what links all those in our selection is a selfconscious, ostentatious, wholly Italian grandeur these hotels are worldclass, and they know it. Stay in one, and the glamour can’t help but rub off.

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