Masseria San Domenico

A gainst the backdrop of a cobaltblue sky and sea, the whitewashed Masseria San Domenico lies only 500 meters from the Adriatic coast in the Puglia region of Italy. The building itself dates back to the 1.4th century when it was used as a watchtower. It was lovingly restored in the early 1990s and opened as a boutique hotel in 1996. In addition to two outdoor swimming pools, the hotel has a private beach, two tennis courts, sauna, steam bath, gym, and an 18hole golf course.
The centerpiece of the hotel is the magnificent irregularshaped swimming pool encircled by rocks and plants, which stands amid 100 hectares of olive groves and orchards. The pool is filled with naturally filtered seawater, reflecting the philosophy of the hotels brand new Thalassotherapy spa.
The spa offers a host of treatments using the rich seawater and seaweed found in the nearby Adriatic Sea. The seawater is completely purified by filters arid heated once it arrives at the spa.
Some of the Massaria’s spa treatments include Douche d’Evian, a relaxing massage performed by two masseuses who use special oils containing marine extracts, followed by a shower of warm seawater; Thalatherm, where the body is covered with a layer of crushed seaweed and then warmed with seawater steam, followed by a sprinkling of sea mist, thus encouraging the absorption of marine extracts: and Thalgojet where a water jet is directed at specific zones of the body, which is excellent for improving blood circulation.

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