Thalassotherapy treatments

Thalassotherapy has finally reached Apulia

Thalgo Jet

A water jet is directed by the operator all over the body and on specific areas. This acts as a deep massage that stretches muscles and reactivates blood circulation.

“Buillonant” bath

This is a bathing treatment consisting in air emulsion in sea-water at 28 degrees Celsius, with the addition of seaweed to help tissue oxygenation and relaxation.


This massage is carried out with a multitude of programmed water jets on different parts of the body, with the addition of essential oils, according to the special needs of each client. It relaxes the joints, improving their mobility.


In this special apparatus, the body which has previously been covered with marine mud, is exposed to steam containing active agents of essential sea oils for 20 minutes. The body temperature is then subsequently brought back to normal. This treatment helps to eliminate excess bodily fluids.

Douche d’Affusion

Two operators carry out a four hand massage under a shower of sea water. This massage releases muscular tension and enhances relaxation.


The whole body is covered in seaweed. The seaweed has been micro pulverized and this aids the penetration of the essential oils which are used in this treatment. The effect of this procedure is revitalizing, draining, slimming or relaxing, depending on the essential oils that are used.

Marine scrub

This is an exfoliating massage which utilizes a cocktail of sea salt and 90 oligo-elements which help towards the reduction of water retention and the exfoliation of dead skin. The orange, lemon and grapefruit essential oils leave the skin soft and smooth.


The exercises carried out in a 38 degree Celsius sea water swimming pool will give back mobility to your muscles, sinews and joint articulations. This kind of gymnastics helps to prevent physical malfunctions.

Kneipp therapy

This treatment consists in walking in two adjacent sea water pools which differ 10 degrees in temperature. It helps the circulation of the blood in the legs, by providing vascular gymnastics which results afterwards in a sensation of lightness.

Hypothermal marine treatment

This treatment promotes the reactivation of the circulatory functions, generating a caloric combustion of the reserve of fatty tissues. This treatment is recommended for varicose veins and bad circulation; it helps to tone and firm the tissues, helping to eliminate the sensation of heaviness and bloating of the lower limbs and promotes the draining away of toxins.

Detoxifying or soothing facial

This treatment uses a specific mask, according to the needs of each complexion, to obtain a detoxifying or soothing effect


The thermogenesis bath (or idrocriotherapy) is a method that triggers body reactions to lose weight and allows getting back in shape in a natural way. It starts immersing in water at 18 degrees, until the temperature is gradually lowered in 20 minutes at 16 degrees. Inside the tank a hydro bike helps with the movement to decrease the sensation of cold by further enhancing the dispersion of heat