Body Treatments

Sea water eliminates all human pains

Indoceane “San Domenico” ritual

The “Indoceane San Domenico Ritual” will lead you into a unique sensorial experience, an absolute relax for your body and soul.It starts with a purifying gommage, followed by a moisturizing and precious milk bath. Then there is a revitalizing and relaxing massage and, finally, a nourishing and subliminal wrapping.

“Thalgo” Gommage

This treatment frees the skin of impurities that have accumulated and also prepares the skin so that it can benefit from the products used in the treatment, making the skin softer and more luminous.

“Thalgo” Mediterranean Sugar Gommage

This delightful gommage, made from the perfume of Mediterranean citrus fruits, polishes the body in a sensorial way. It purifies, exfoliates and enhances relaxation. After the treatment, the skin appears nourished, perfectly smooth and pleasantly scented.

“Thalgo” Mince wrap

This is a kind of gummy mask made of pure alginates, which by occlusion has slimming and toning effects.

“Thalgo” sculptor oxygenating treatment

An activated oxygen treatment aimed at combating loss of skin tone and fatty tissue deposits. Recommended for those who want to reshape and sculpt various body areas.

“Thalgo” Aromacéane Marine prelude

This natural marine mud is extracted from the heart of the Dead Sea, is iodine free, but rich in minerals such as copper, magnesium and zinc. It is applied all over the body at 34 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes. This treatment allows the body to perspire, thus eliminating toxins.

“Thalgo” Breast and décolleté

A thermal treatment which gives a more compact, firm and toned aspect to the décolleté. It consists in a mask which produces warmth and thus boosts the dilatation of the blood vessels, favouring the absorption of the active ingredients which have been previously applied.

“Carita” Silky skin

Exfoliating body treatment removing the dead cells and giving back to the skin the infancy fineness and delicacy.

“Carita” Revitalising body treatment

No tension resists this ritual which associates the energy developed from the massage with warm stones with the minerals strength which stimulates the working of the cells, giving the skin its original vitality.

“Carita” tecnoled Remodeling treatment

A treatment that acts directly upon the imperfections caused by cellulite and loss of skin tone conferring a visible improvement in appearance. This is achieved by combining the use of the Cinetic Lift Expert apparatus with exclusive and expert manipulation.

Olive Oil wrap in Aromatherapy

This treatment consists in an Olive Oil scrub, a body pack applied in chromo-aromatherapy and full body massage with olive oil lipogel. This treatment softens and moisturizes the skin which results in the skin being more silky and smooth to the touch; at the same time the skin is nourished deep down, thanks to the beneficial effects of the aromatherapy, which promotes the penetration of the active ingredients of the olive oil. This original body and facial olive oil treatment is the “jewel in the crown” of our Health and Beauty Spa.

Harmony massage

The rhythmic and harmonious touch of 4 hands creates an enchanting wave that loosens the tensions and promotes the flowing of the vital energy leaving a deep sense of wellbeing.

Specific essential oils massage (draining, invigorating, reducing and relaxing)

This is a traditional hand manipulation massage. It is beneficial in cases of water retention, helping the circulation of the blood intervening on localized fat accumulation. It invigorates tissues, reducing stress and anxiety.

Skull massage

The purpose of this manual massage is to release muscular tension of the cervical vertebrae, of the shoulders, of the cranium and the facial muscles .This treatment is recommended for people who lead a sedentary life or who spend most of their time in closed environments and who suffer from psycho-somatic ailments, migraine headaches, tension headaches, cervical pain and anxiety.

Lymphatic massage

This kind of therapeutic massage treats the lymphatic reticule. The slow, soft and regular pressure produces an effect on circulation and is specially effective in cases of venous and lymphatic stasis.

Draining Plus massage

The special quality of this type of therapy makes this massage unique in improving the venous and lymphatic circulation, it relaxes and stretches the muscles and increases the mobility of the joints.


This Indian massage consists in a slow and relaxing sliding of the hands with aromatic oils. It helps the flow of energy in the body, the elimination of toxins, the reactivation of blood circulation and is particularly recommended for people who suffer from depression and insomnia.

Thai stretching

This massage includes a series of calibrated pressure and muscular mobilisations of the joints. With this kind of finger-pressure, the “Zen” (the energy channels) is stimulated, thus making it possible to eliminate or regulate energy blocks within the body and internal organs. Thai massage stimulates the immune system, has a calming effect and relieves aches and pains.

Thai foot massage

This special massage, which interests the area between the foot and the knee, starts with a reinvigorating footbath followed by rubbings and pressures carried out with a wooden stick. This massage improves blood circulation, releases the energetic stagnations and normalises the organs functionality.


Created in Japan, this massage uses finger pressure on the meridians, simulates vital energy, guaranteeing a feeling of wellbeing and has substantial benefits.

Stone Massage

The action of the cold marble stone and the energy of the lavic stone, together with a special kind of massage, relax and help to balance the body, improving the muscular tone. This treatment aims to achieve a healthy psycho-physical balance.

Californian Massage

This massage favourably unites Western views (for example working on muscles and the circulation of the blood) with Eastern notions which concentrate on the energetic flow. It is an excellent total body massage, which is soothing and induces relaxation. Due to its psycho-physical balancing effects, this treatment is recommended for those people who are tense and suffer from stress.


The trager approach helps to free your mind and body of all pains, tension, tiredness, anxiety, insomnia, traumas. Through soft and harmonized movements, sensations of deep wellbeing and relaxation awaken, thus letting the contracted musculature and consequently the psyche itself pleasantly relaxed.


This is a digital pressure stimulation on the reflex zones of the feet, the real mirror of the body . It helps energy circulation in parts of the body which may be blocked. This technique is able to awaken organ function, corresponding to the areas massaged.


Special boots use pressure to improve circulation of the blood in the legs, giving them a sensation of lightness.