SPA & Thalassotherapy

The essential element of thalassotherapy is sea water

Its salinity is very rich in minerals and the abundance of trace elements also makes it a primary source of purification for the human organism.
In order to obtain the maximum of these benefits, international thalassotherapeutic experts-particularly in Thalgo-have performed research to extract the greatest benefits from sea water, while keeping in mind its nature and potentiality.

The water used in our center is drawn from a deep underground stratum, which sits at about 400 meters below the sea level.
This water is also completely purified by means of filters and is then heated in our center’s circuit using the most up-to-date equipment.

Another extremely beneficial sea material is seaweed. Our seaweed has vast concentrations of minerals and vitamins, indispensable for the improvement of our biological functions. The seaweed is crushed and micropolverized and then added to sea water in hydromassage and compresses. Sea water and seaweed are an exceptional cocktail producing a equilibrating, tonic invigorating and detoxifying effect.


SPA Treatments

Sea water eliminates all human pains

Thalassotherapy has finally reached Apulia

The word “thalassotherapy” derives from the ancient Greek term, “thalassa” i.e. sea. It consists in a series of therapeutic treatments which utilizes sea water.
This term originated in France in 1867, but only during the first years of the twentieth century Renè Quinton began to study the components of sea water and plasma.
The interaction between sea water and plasma is possible thanks to the most important characteristics of human skin. In fact the skin, in certain temperatures and humidity conditions, becomes an excellent medium of exchange.
Sea-water is rich in potassium, magnesium, iodine and other elements. In Apulia “the green sea” benefits derive from plankton and the salinity percentage which is 40 gr per litre, only slightly lower than the Red Sea and Black Sea.
These elements, through the osmosis process, reach the blood cells to regenerate and cure different pathologies: Allergenic pathologies, Bone pathologies, Blood circulation problems, Rehabilitation

Marine balneotherapy

Balneo-sea-therapy is carried out by utilizing hot water at 37 or 38 degrees for 20 minutes in a special bath
Sea water has its beneficial results due to its composition: both chemical-physical-inorganic (iodine, chloride, magnesium, calcium) and organic (seaweed).
In our sea water thalasso pool, the kinesiotherapeutic element is very important, as it consists in a wave massage associated to the movement of the body.
Thalassotherapy experts think that whales survived dinosaurs due to their natural habitat which is the sea water.
Now the magic word “thalassotherapy” is a science which exploits seawater for health purposes with surprising results.
Hydro-massages, aqua gym and mud baths are all anti stress therapies. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit our thalassotherapy centre, a place where the beautiful Adriatic sea is contained in our salt water thalasso pool.
For the thalassotherapy treatments we use “Thalgo”, one of the best and well known brands on the market.